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It's been a funny old week!


Well its been a funny old week here weather wise! From last week's T shirt weather we ended up with a pile of snow last weekend which took a few days to clear as the temperatures during the day hovered around zero and plunged to minus overnight (1 night -12 brrrrr). Anyway forecast for this week looking better again double figures from tuesday onwards for about a week. Spring is just around the corner!

Its been a busy week again with the renovations/repairs etc. Obviously been held up badly on the outsdie work due to the weather but pushing on with indoor stuff. Have had the guys round to my house every day for lunch as it's been so cold. Not poisoned any of them yet which is a bit of surprise given my level of cooking!

Within the next few weeks will have 4 houses ready to rent in Yambol area, 2 of them are for sale as rent to buys if anyone out there is interested!

Wherever you are, have a good one!

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