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Bulgaria never ceases to surprise!

Well as always Bulgaria says one thing and does another lol! We had been told that access to covid vaccine was through each individual's G.P. and you had to be in Bulgarian healthcare system to access it. All change last weekend and access to vaccine became available in drop in clinics for anyone who wanted it!

Bulgaria did try to schedule roll out of vaccine starting with health care staff & school teachers but take up was so low (70% refused they say) that they decided to offer it to anyone who wanted it.

I got my 1st jab on monday in clinic in Yambol. All done & dusted in 30 minutes.

Ended up having terrible leg cramps overnight so felt like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards all day yesterday! Luckily all seems well this morning.

Off into Yambol to complete on sale of a house and then have a viewing in the afternoon, so busy day. Onwards & Upwards!

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