Its Monday again!

Well the weather continues to be good - very unusual for February which is normally one of the coldest and snowiest times of the year. However I hear that we are due some snow towards the end of the month and/or beginning of March. With a bit of luck it will not last or lie long! I love the look of snow on a Christmas card but it does get in the way when you want to get around and the garden turns into a swamp afterwards which the dogs seem to delight in dragging into the house.

The Covid thing is still with us although they have lightened some of the restrictions here and more scheduled to be opened up on 1st of March (bars & restaurants should then be opened with restrictions in place). I personally can't wait! I miss my meals out and trips into town are not nearly as interesting now that even getting a cup of coffee and a chat with a friend is difficult.

Funnily enough I am still getting loads of rental enquiries so there are obviously lots of people out there who want to come to Bulgaria for a holiday or longer term.

Wherever you are have a good day and if you would like any information about any of the houses, the villages or just general information about Bulgaria please get in touch.

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