Winter or Not?

Well its been a very mild winter so far - that makes 2 in a row!

I hate snow so it suits me! I love the way the village looks in the snow but it is a pain trying to get around and work. On saying that, we have just had a couple of days of torrential rain which gives its own problems.

Haven't really been able to get on with the outside work still needing to be completed at Fig Cottage but hopefully the weather forecast for the next few days looks great (termperatures in double figures!) so will hopefully get the front wall and fencing done.

Then its on to Villa Roza, I've had some really long term tenants in there and will be sad to see them go but they have decided to rent at the Coast. So Villa Roza will be up for rental again once we do a couple of jobs.

So if anyone is looking for a rental - drop me a message!

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